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The Yearly Maintenance Program by Blay’z Turf Pro was designed to satisfy all of our customer’s outdoor needs in one complete service package.

We are one of the leading lawn care companies serving the Atlanta area. We make it convenient for our customers by incorporating our Fertilization and Weed Control Program and our hassle free Maintenance Program in one complete service package!

No need to hire an additional service provider. Let us take care of it all!

Atlanta Yearly Lawn Maintenance

Yearly Maintenance Program includes the following services

 All grounds maintenance (mowing, edging, trimming, blowing and debris removal)
Tree and shrub pruning (scheduled maintenance at the appropriate time for all plants)
Flower bed weed control (we use manual and chemical methods to remove all unwanted weeds and grass from mulch and pine straw beds)
 Fertilization & Weed Control for Turf (you get our 7 step Fertilization & Weed Control program designed to keep your lawn healthy at all times)
Optional services include: (seasonal flower bed prep and installation, core aeration for the turf, pine straw and mulch installation for the beds)

Our Yearly Maintenance Program is based on 38 annual visits to your property

A trained Blay’z Turf Pro professional and service crew will maintain your property on a regular scheduled route. The crew will visit the property every 8-10 days during the growing season (Apr-Dec) and every 14 days during the non-growing season (Jan-Mar). We offer a 5% discount on all pre-paid accounts!

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Johns Creek Yearly Lawn Maintenance