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About Our Lawn Care Maintenance and Treatment Company

Blay’z Turf Pro is an Atlanta lawn care company servicing residential and commercial properties in Metro Atlanta and the surrounding suburbs.

We provide lawn care, lawn treatment, and lawn maintenance services for properties located in Atlanta, Decatur, Dunwoody, Sandy Springs, Norcross, Johns Creek, Alpharetta, Roswell and Marietta.

Blay’z Turf Pro has been providing excellent lawn care services for the Greater Atlanta Metro area since 2002. Customer retention has been key to sustaining and growing our company and we remain committed to providing excellent service for our customers.

Our skilled lawn care specialists are extremely attentive to each individual customer’s needs. We ensure complete customer satisfaction by providing outstanding service and value. Join the large number of satisfied lawn care customers in and around Atlanta and begin taking back your weekends by requesting more information about our lawn care services today!

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Exceptional Lawn Care and Lawn Maintenance Services

We have been providing exceptional lawn and landscaping services to residential and commercial properties in and around Metro Atlanta for over 15 years. Our teams strive to deliver an outstanding detailed-oriented service for each customer day in and day out! Dedication to reliability and complete customer satisfaction has separated us from other lawn care companies. Learn what people are saying about us by clicking the link below.

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Lawn Maintenance Program

We offer a variety of lawn maintenance programs for both residential and commercial properties. This is an all-inclusive lawn care service designed to keep your property looking professionally and your lawn maintained throughout the year. No need to hire two lawn care companies! We've combined our lawn maintenance program with our lawn fertilization and weed control program to offer one complete, all-inclusive lawn care service!!

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Lawn Fertilization & Weed Control Programs

We offer two separate fertilizations and weed control programs designed specifically for Warm and Cool Season grass types. We use both liquid and granular products to help promote growth and root structure. A healthy lawn will make it impossible for weeds to germinate. Our lawn care products are environmentally friendly! Proper lawn treatment and lawn maintenance of any type of grass is important to ensure your lawn is healthy and remains weed free.

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What is a lawn care specialist?

A lawn care specialist is just that...someone who specializes in the care of turf grass. This person or company is able to identify which type of grass is present on your property and then create a lawn treatment program specific to your grass type and lawn.

Generally, properly timed lawn feedings and herbicide treatments would be apart of this lawn care program. The use of pre-emergents and post-emergents along with fungicide treatments would be included in a lawn care program. Blay'z Turf Pro offers a 7-step lawn treatment program as part of our Yearly Maintenance program to treat all types of grass grown in Georgia.

It is very important to identify the grass type to allow proper timing for feeding and applying herbicide treatments. We provide lawn treatment for warm season grasses (Bermuda, Zoysia and Centipede) and cool season grasses (Fescue). It is important to keep these warm and cool season grasses on a completely different feeding and herbicide schedule.

Common Georgia grass types we work with

We work with two types of lawn grass in Atlanta: warm season and cool season grasses. The two most common warm season grasses in Atlanta are Bermuda grass and Zoysia grass. Fescue grass is the only cool season grass in we maintain in the Atlanta metro area. Again, both types of grass are very different and require separate lawn care regiments to keep the grass healthy and weed free.

Atlanta Warm Season Grasses
Bermuda Grass
Zoysia Grass
Atlanta Cool Season Grasses
Fescue Grass

Defined: Lawn treatment & lawn maintenance vs. Landscaping

Lawn care is the process and maintenance requirements necessary to keep a lawn in healthy condition. Lawn maintenance includes knowledge of the proper lawn mowing heights, timely lawn mowing and also the application of fertilizer and weed control to a lawn. Preventative lawn maintenance may entail the application of herbicides and fertilizer as well as pre- and post-emergent weed controls to prevent weeds or fungus from growing in the lawn. Landscaping, on the other hand, is the installation of new grass, plants, trees and hardscaping. At Blay'z Turf Pro, we use commercial lawn equipment only. This lawn care equipment is designed for heavy daily use and is top of the line in our industry. We use zero turn commercial high vac mowers, edgers, weed trimmers, hedge trimmers, and blowers.

Explore lawn care treatment and lawn maintenance services

Lawn mowing
Cutting the lawn to it’s specifications is very important. Warm season and Cool season grasses have different mowing requirements. Warm season (Bermuda and Zoysia grass are cut to height of 2-2.5 inches during the growing season. Cool season grass (Fescue) has a cutting requirement of 3.5 to 4 in.
Lawn fertilization
We apply both granular and liquid applications of fertilizer. The fertilizer will have specific quantities of Nitrogen, Hydrogen and Potassium in both forms.
Landscaping is the addition of trees, shrubs, flowers, groundcover (ex. Pine straw, mulch or rocks for beds) Also any type of hardscaping installed (ex. brick or stone patio features/walkways) Also, any type of water feature installation (ex. Ponds, waterfalls or creekbeds) A landscape design is necessary when creating or installing new landscaping to a property.
Weed Control
The process of maintaining weeds manually and chemically. Weed control services are built into our Yearly Program. We control weeds in flower beds by either pulling or spraying the areas with a non selective herbicide (i.e. Roundup). We control the weeds in grass by applying pre-emergent at the proper time to stave off weed growth. Weeds that are present in the lawn are sprayed with a selective herbicide such as 3-way or Celcius. These are commercial grade chemicals we are licensed to apply.
Lawn winterizing
Lawn winterizing is the application of pre and post emergent weed controls and also root structuring fertilizer. Winter is the optimum time to apply pre and post emergent weed control. The root structuring fertilizer helps the roots stay strong during colder weather.
Lawn Feeding
Lawn feeding is defined as properly timed fertilizer applications and in addition to using the proper amount of water necessary for that specific turf type.
Lawn aeration
Lawn aeration is done by using mechanical core aerators. These machines have spikes that rotate into the soil/grass and pull out plugs/cores. Doing so helps the lawn to breathe by loosening compact soil and removing thatch build up from constant mowing. Again, it depends on what type of lawn (cool or warm season) for proper timing for this service.
Lawn trimming and edging
Lawn trimming and edging is done mechanically with weed trimmers. Trimming the lawn in areas where the lawn mower cannot get to. It’s important to be mindful of proper cutting heights when using a weed trimmer to trim grass in areas where the mowers cannot reach. We also use weed trimmers and mechanical edgers to define bed lines (areas between grass and mulched/planted areas) and also to create fine lines between grass and concrete (such as driveways, walkways and patios).