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All lawns have their own personalities. You may be dealing with different soil types, shade versus full sun, or different grass types. Shade versus full sun and soil types usually play the biggest role in dry conditions and lawn health. Different grass types can also show up during dry weather, as well as insects and disease, since some grass types have more of a natural resistance to lawn pests.
Core aeration is one of the best things that can be done for your lawn. Our lawns are mostly clay based and are very tight and compacted. Core aeration removes soil cores and reduces compaction and thatch. This also allows for better air, water, and nutrient flow. When removing the soil core, grass roots can then spread out. The healthier the root is, the healthier the plant.
Lawns require fertilizer to maintain health and vigor. The key is applying the correct fertilizer at the right time. A well-fertilized lawn will make your lawn healthier and thicker, which will help fight against weeds, drought, and disease. A slow-release nitrogen should be used to prevent excessive upper growth, as the roots are the key to any plant’s survival. The healthier the plant, the better, and fertilizer is a critical component to having a beautiful lawn.
Yes. Any company that applies pesticides must be licensed by the state in which they apply the pesticides. That is the law.
A sharp clean cut will seal quickly and resist disease attack.
Many dog owners get frustrated by the spots their pets leave on the lawn by going to the bathroom there, but there aren't many ways to avoid this other than training your dog to only go in one particular area of the lawn. The problem is that the high quantity of salt in the animal's urine essentially burns the turf. If this problem really bothers you, veterinarians offer some medicines that reduce the amount of salt in animal's urine and will at least minimize the problem.

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